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Rainscreen Cladding, Windows and Capping, Gebrik and Parex Pointing

DG Construction (Southampton) LTD

Specialists in Rainscreen Cladding, Windows and Capping Systems, Gebrik and Parex Pointing installation.

The only system we supply and install is our capping’s and this is due to our innovative design which we have talked more about in the rain screen cladding section of the website.

We are a labour only company that specialise in the installations of all high-performance cladding systems. It is our responsibility to undertake projects and complete them to the highest standard and specification architect desire.

We have taken on full envelopes on projects from SFS, windows, doors to all the high performance systems. In doing this we have extensive knowledge of setting out a building so we can also survey your project to ensure all surfaces are within tolerances.

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DG Construction (Southampton) LTD Team

About Us

We have the necessary certification required to install Gebrik, which is granted by the UK’s leading supplier, Aquarian cladding systems.

We have necessary certification required to install Parex mortar which is granted by the UKs leading supplier, Parex.

We have a highly qualified team with 20 years’ experience in all the high-performance systems.

We have managers and supervisors that work with your team to strengthen the communication on site on ensure project details are correct and followed.

We supply management on all our projects with SMSTS and SSSTS certified operatives that lead operatives to comply with your health and safely requirements.

We have certificates to work on all equipment to access all locations on your projects

Approved Installers

Aquarian Approved Installers Parex Approved Installers
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We are happy to help and discuss your requirements whether they be:

  • Rainscreen Cladding, Windows and Capping Systems
  • Gebrik - Your local Aquarian Approved Installers of Gebrik
  • Parex Pointing

We have skilled trained men who have attended:

  • Site Management Safety Training Scheme¬†SMSTS,
  • Site Supervisors' Safety Training Scheme: Site Safety Plus SSSTS.
  • The¬†International Powered Access Federation¬†IPAF.
  • industry body for the safe use of mobile access towers PASMA
  • Harness awareness, abrasive wheel, Hilti gun, Tele handler tickets

This ensures we can safely access all areas of any project.